The Water Box – The under-the-sink filtration solution.

The Water Box was designed to deliver the best quality ambient water at the most economical price. It taps directly into the cold water line and fits under any sink, keeping it out of sight and eliminating the need to utilize valuable countertop or floor space.

The system can be equipped with a 4 stage Reverse Osmosis purification system that can produce up to 50 gallons of pure, fresh drinking water per day. The Water Box also has a 2.3 gallon, stainless steel containment tank built right inside. It comes with a designer lead-free faucet that is sure to be a welcome addition to any decor. It has additional features such as a blue LED light that lets you know when it’s time to change the filters as well as a backwash system that recirculates purified water throughout the system, ensuring that filters continue to operate at peak performance. The Water Box also features “quick-change” cartridges that make filter changes even simpler.

  • Dimension: 15”W x 9”D x 13”H
  • Water connecion: 1/4” tubing
  • Weight: 10 lbs (dry)
  • Does not require power source
With 4 stage 50 GDP RO system chrome faucet W/B
With 4 stage (UF) ultra-filtration membrane W/BUF
With upgraded brushed nickel faucet W/BBN
With 3 stage filtration W/BF
Without fauce W/BNF
Add 3.2 gallon storage tank 3.2
Specialty filters and upgrades
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Filtration System

3 Stage Filtration or 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration Technology

Stage 1
5 Micron Sediment Filter

The first stage is a 5 micron Sediment filter that helps reduce Sediment such as sand, rust and silt that is pre- sent in most municipal water sources.

Stage 2
1 Micron Granulated Activated Carbon Filter

The second stage of filtration is a 1 micron granulated activated Carbon filter.

Stage 3
0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter

The third stage is a 0.5 micron Carbon block filter, which gives the water a final “polish.”

- OR -

Stage 4
Reverse Osmosis Technology

The fourth stage utilizes Reverse Osmosis technology, which reduces any molecular compounds smaller in size than water molecules. Such compounds include salt, magnesium, iron, fluoride, lead, and calcium.


Filter life 2,500 Gallons or every 6 months
(whichever occurs sooner)