Through Bluline’s Global Water™ and Flowline™ product lines, we have created the technology that will adorn your office with an efficient, state-of-the-art bottleless water cooler. Sleek, compact, and modern, our bottleless coolers provide an endless and pristine stream of refreshingly cool or piping hot water for your office. Bluline™ will not only upgrade and improve the appearance of your office, but it will do so with the hassle-free assistance of a trained professional, who will install a bottleless cooler that taps directly into your building’s water line. Equipped with reverse osmosis technology, or a 9-stage ultra filtration system, your cooler will dispense clean drinking water at your office’s disposal for months at a time, without having to be replaced. As an employer, you will truly reap the rewards and benefits, once you find out just how cost-effective and environmentally-friendly our Bluline™ cooler is. No longer will you trouble yourself with the trivial task of storing bulky bottles.